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This boundary law information was assembled by the surveying majors enrolled in Legal Principals II at Tyler Junior College.

The following list contains cases that may be relevant to the Texas RPLS exam.  You can find the text or descriptions of the below-listed cases through an internet search engine, free internet law websites, your local library or law library, or third-party law or study materials.  To look up the cases, use the case name, parties involved, and/or case citation information.


  • Alford v Krum
  • Allen v Virginia
  • Anderson v Tall


  • Baker v Light
  • Benavides v State
  • Bickler v Bickler
  • Boon v Hunter
  • Booth v Upshur
  • Buford v Gray


  • Cantley v Gulf
  • Certer v Collins
  • Coastal Industrial Water v York
  • Cox v Piwonka


  • Denny v Cotton
  • Diversion Lake Club v Health
  • Douglas Oil Co v State CA
  • Douglas Oil Co v State Whiteside
  • Duval Co Ranch v Foster


  • Ealand Wood v Bronson Morgan
  • Evans V Foster
  • Exxon v Schutzmaier


  • Farley v Deslonde
  • Feinman v State of TX
  • Forister v Coleman
  • Forty Oaks v Westvale
  • Freeman v Mahoney


  • Gray v King
  • Great Plains O and G Co V Foundation Oil
  • Gulf Oil Corp v Marathon


  • Hidalgo and Cameron County V Foundation Oil
  • Hidalgo and Camerson Co Water v Maverick Co. Water
  • Holloway V Co of Matagaorda
  • Holmes v Yates
  • Humble Oil and Refining v State
  • Humble v Luther


  • Isaacs v TX Land and Cattle


  • Johnson v Southwestern Public
  • Jordan v Skelly


  • Kenny v TX Gulf Sulfur
  • Kirby Lubmer Co Gibs Bro
  • Kirby Lumb v Campbell (part one)
  • Kirby Lumb v Campbell (part two)
  • Koonce v Brite est


  • Lilly v Blum
  • Lochwood Meadows v Buck
  • Lone Star v Reilly and Finlan
  • Luttes v State


  • Maddox Bros and Anderson v Fenner
  • Mallett v Houston Contracting
  • Marathon v Gulf
  • Maufrais v State
  • McAshan v River Oaks Country Club
  • McCraw v City of Dallas and Tx Turnpike
  • McWhorter v City of Jacksonville
  • Melder v Phiilips Pipeline and Rech V Phillips
  • Miller v Yates
  • Moore v Campbell


  • Oklahoma v Texas
  • Ortiz v Spann


  • Pick v Bartel
  • Port Aransas Prop v Ellis
  • Post v State of Texas


  • Rio Bravo Oil Co v Weed


  • Sisco and Pena V Hereford
  • Stafford v King
  • State v City of West Orange
  • State v Balli
  • State v Coleman
  • State v Grubstake
  • State v Heard
  • State v Sulflow
  • State v Sullivan
  • Stuart v Coldwell Banker


  • Town of Refugio v Strauch
  • Tyler v Gonzales


  • Urquhart v Burleson


  • Wheeler v Stanolind
  • Wyatt v Foste and Raffety