June 30, 2021, Board Meeting Disciplinary & Administrative Actions

Manuel Jesus Montemayor, Brownsville, TX; Case Number D–30672
Violation: Mr. Montemayor failed to practice engineering in a careful and diligent manner and endangered the public health, safety, and welfare by affixing his signature and seal to Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Forms WPI-2 for the structures at issue, thereby falsely certifying these structures complied with all applicable windstorm codes and were eligible for windstorm and hail insurance policies issued by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.  By placing his seal on the WPI-2s at issue, Mr. Montemayor provided misleading and/or false written assertions to TDI.  By failing to meet applicable code requirements and failing to respond to TDI's requests for substantiating information in a timely and complete manner, Mr. Montemayor did not meet his professional practice requirements.  Additionally, Mr. Montemayor was grossly negligent in the practice of engineering.
Act/Rule Violated: 22 Tex. Admin. Code §§137.55(b), 137.57(b)(1)-(3), 137.63(b)(1), and 137.63(b)(6).
Resolution: Revocation of Professional Engineer's license and Administrative Penalty of $27,000.00.
Note: License revoked; However, he has been authorized by Court order to practice during the current suit for judicial review. See link: Temporary Injunction Pendente Lite