August 22, 2019, Board Meeting Disciplinary & Administrative Actions

Mere Energy, Del Rio, TX; Case Number E-37869
Violation: Mere Energy's CEO, a non-licensed individual, handed out approximately thirteen business cards indicating he was a professional engineer by use of the designation "P.E." and "Project Engineer" after his name.  Mere Engineering unlawfully offered to provide engineering services and represented to the public it was engaged in the practice of engineering without being registered with the Board.
Act/Rule Violated: Tex. Occ. Code §§ 1001.004(c)(2)(B)-(c)(2)(C) and 1001.301(b)(1)-(2) and (c) and 22 Tex. Admin. Code § 137.1(a)(1)-(2) and (7).
Resolution: Cease and Desist Order and Administrative Penalty of $1,000.00.