November 18, 2021, Board Meeting Disciplinary & Administrative Actions

Louis Faraklas, Jr., P.E. #63096, San Antonio, TX; Case Number D-38656
Violation: Mr. Faraklas issued an oral or written assertion in the practice of engineering that was misleading or created a misleading impression and failed to conduct engineering and related business affairs in a professional manner in interactions with involved parties and employees.
Act/Rule Violated: 22 Tex. Admin. Code §§137.57(a) and 137.63 (b)(5).
Resolution: One Year Probated Suspension contingent upon remittance of an Administrative Penalty of $2,846.00.

Silvio Prieto, Livingston, TX; Case Number B-40359
Violation: Mr. Prieto conducted professional land surveying without working under the direct supervision of a Registered Professional Land Surveyor.
Act/Rule Violated: Tex. Occ. Code §1071.251(b).
Resolution: Cease and Desist Order and Administrative Penalty of $1,500.00.

Herman Winter Crichton, R.P.L.S. #4046, Pflugerville, TX; Case Number D-40869
Violation: Mr. Crichton performed an act which may be fraudulent, deceitful, or misleading, or which in any manner whatsoever, tended to create a misleading impression by issuing a misleading survey.  Mr. Crichton failed to follow the documented records of the land title affecting the boundaries being surveyed by not completing research of adequate thoroughness to support the determination of the location of the boundaries of the land being surveyed.  After being made aware of the error and prior to the complaint being filed, Mr. Crichton promptly took corrective action.
Act/Rule Violated: 22 Tex. Admin. Code §§663.10(7) and 663.16(3)(B).
Resolution: Reprimand.