February 14, 2019, Board Meeting Disciplinary & Administrative Actions

Joseph Mark Burnett, P.E. #104286, Pelham, AL; Case Number D–37762
Violation: In another jurisdiction, Mr. Burnett failed to practice engineering in a professional, adequate, competent, careful, and diligent manner jeopardizing the health, safety, and welfare of the public by issuing signed and sealed design plans that were not consistent with acceptable standards for the practice of engineering and by practicing outside his area of expertise.
Act/Rule Violated: : 22 TAC §137.5(c) and in accordance with 22 TAC §137.65(b), if Mr. Burnett’s conduct had occurred in Texas, his actions would have violated 137.55(a)-(b), 137.57(a), 137.59(a)-(b), and 137.63(b)(6).
Resolution: Three-Year Probated Suspension contingent on successful completion of Texas Tech University Engineering Ethics Basic Course.

Monzer A. Hourani, Houston, TX; Case Number E-37781
Violation: Mr. Hourani, who is not a licensed professional engineer in Texas, offered to perform engineering services and unlawfully represented to the public he was a Texas professional engineer.
Act/Rule Violated: Tex. Occ. Code §§1001.004(c)(2)(B)-(c)(2)(C) and 1001.301(a) and (b)(1)-(2).
Resolution: Cease and Desist Order and an administrative penalty of $2,500.