March 17, 2022 eNewsletter Supplement

Focus on Compliance - Signing and Sealing Professional Work

The Board’s primary requirements regarding all professional engineering and land surveying work is that it is done competently and ethically, that it meets all applicable codes and standards, and that it protects the health and welfare of the public.  To ensure engineering and surveying work is done in a manner consistent with these requirements, all work must be done directly by or under the direct supervision of the professional responsible for the work. Engineers and surveyors demonstrate this control and oversight has occurred by adding their official seal and signature to their final work product before it is released from their control.

We selected the topic of signing and sealing professional work because we routinely receive complaints where one or more of the Board’s requirements are not met on a project, yet the work product still has been signed and sealed by a PE or RPLS.  Complaints include a professional signing and sealing work that is not done in a competent manner, that isn't a final version, or that it was not done by the engineer or surveyor or someone under their direct supervision.

It is important to note what is meant by the term “direct supervision”.  As defined in the Board rules, “direct supervision” is the control over and detailed professional knowledge of the work prepared under the engineer or land surveyor's supervision. Direct Supervision entails that the engineer or land surveyor personally makes decisions or personally reviews and approves proposed decisions prior to their implementation and has control over the decisions either through physical presence or the use of communications devices. Direct Supervision entails that a land surveyor be able to give instructions for research of adequate thoroughness to support collection of relevant data, the placement of all monuments, and the preparation and delivery of all surveying documents.

Here are important considerations and violations related to signing and sealing your work:

The public relies on the work that professional engineers and surveyors do, and the seal and signature is an indicator of the high level of knowledge, expertise, and ethics expected of a professional.  Using a seal incorrectly is more than just a paperwork issue; it is a violation of the public's trust, it is unethical, and it can directly endanger the public. Know the law and rules for sealing your work and be sure to do it correctly.

For more information on signing and sealing requirements, review rules in Subchapter B of Chapters 137 (engineering) and 138 (land surveying).
You can download the Laws and Rules at


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