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Public Information Act Changes:

Please note, effective September 1, 2023, all mailing addresses and phone numbers of individual professional engineer licensees, engineers-in-training, professional land surveying registrants, and surveyors-in-training are being removed from the Board's published roster in order to comply with the requirements of Senate Bill 510 (88th Regular Session). This information, in addition to individual's e-mail addresses, is no longer disclosable under the Public Information Act. The Board appreciates your understanding as it complies with these Legislative-mandated changes to the Public Information Act.

Search our roster of Professional Engineers (PEs).

This roster only lists PEs who have a renewable license. Once a PE license has been expired for 2 or more years it becomes non-renewable and will not be listed on the roster. Names are listed as last, first middle suffix and ordered alphabetically by last name.

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Valid for active engineering:
  • Active:
    License is current and valid.
Not valid for active engineering:
  • Delinquent:
    Renewal is past due.
  • Expired 90 Days:
    License has been expired for 90 or more days, but is still renewable.
  • Expired 1 Year:
    License has been expired for at least 1 year, but is still renewable.
  • Inactive:
    License is current, but not valid for active engineering practice.
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