Engineering Firm Registration

Effective January 1, 2000, HB 1544 requires that any entity offering engineering services to the public of Texas must register with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. An entity is defined as a sole proprietorship, firm, partnership, corporation or joint stock association.

HB1544 was passed by the 76th Legislature in 1999 and became effective January 1, 2000. The bill was authored by Representative Patrick Haggerty and sponsored by Senator Frank Madla. The purpose of the bill was to improve enforcement of the Texas Engineering Practice Act (Act) so as to increase the protection of the public. One issue this bill addresses is that some entities do not have a full-time Texas licensed professional engineer in responsible charge for their branch offices. Another issue concerns engineers "moonlighting" engineering services to the public without licenses due to confusion of working for an exempt industry.

HB1544 states that a sole proprietorship, firm, co-partnership, corporation, or joint stock association must register. The definition of sole proprietorship does not distinguish the number of employees in the sole proprietorship. As a result, a one-person sole proprietorship has to register according to the law. Several bills were proposed during the 77th Legislative Session to either require a reduced fee for sole proprietorships or to exempt this category from the registration requirement altogether; however, the legislation did not pass.1001.204 of the Act, authorizes the Board to establish reasonable and necessary fees for the administration of the Act. The Board reviews and establishes all authorized fees on an annual basis. The Board has established an initial registration fee of $25 for sole proprietorships and $150 for all other entities.

To register an entity, complete the "Firm Application for Registration":

Online Engineering Firm Application Engineering Firm Forms

Please send paper application and registration fee of $150 to:

Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
1917 S Interstate 35
Austin, Texas 78741

Click here for forms to be completed on-line, printed and then mailed to the above address.
Forms are provided for:
Branch Offices or Subsidiary in Texas
Officers of Directors of Firm
Full-time employees currently licensed to practice in Texas on behalf of the firm
Texas Firm Registration Change of Address Notice.