Exam Waiver Requirements

What is a waiver?

The Texas Board of Professional Engineers requires that all applicants for licensure take and pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) and the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exams as part of the licensure process. However, in some situations, the Board may waive the examination requirement for one or more exams. This means that an applicant who meets certain criteria (see below) would not be required to take one or both of the examinations. See Board rule 133.69 for applicable waiver requirements.

If you have taken and passed one or both examinations in Texas or in another state, you do not need to apply for a waiver. You can apply using the standard application process (click here for more information).

Waiver Law and Rules

The Texas Board of Engineers has adopted rules that modify the requirements for licensure by a waiver of examinations. Effective January 1, 2006, licensure by waiver of the Principles and Practice (PE) Examination will be limited to current engineering educators with a Ph.D. whose primary employment is instructing courses in a recognized institution of higher learning in Texas; and those that are currently licensed in another U.S. state; and former Texas license holders. All other applicants for standard licensure as a Professional Engineer will be required to take the PE exam.

Applicants must meet the waiver requirements (133.69) at the time of application. Experience cannot be anticipated and must have been gained by the date of application.

Current Requirements (Effective 9/15/19)

Waivers of exams are not automatically approved. The Board will consider waiver requests from individuals meeting the following requirements. Waivers may be granted if the applicant provides sufficient evidence of their qualifications through creditable engineering experience and references. An applicant is not eligible to request a waiver of the FE exam if they have failed any FE exam within the previous two years. The applicant must report all FE exam failures in any jurisdiction. An applicant is not eligible to request a waiver of the FE exam if they have failed the FE exam three or more times in any jurisdictions. An applicant is not eligible to request a waiver of the PE exam if they have failed any PE exam within the previous four years.

Requirements for Waiver of FE Examination

  1. Standard Application
  2. Application fee
  3. Letter requesting waiver(s)
  4. Ethics exam
  5. Transcript(s)
  6. Supplemental Experience Record (SER) documenting at least:
    - 8 years of creditable experience – with an accredited degree (ABET - EAC or equivalent)
    - 12 years of creditable experience – with a non-accredited degree (not ABET - EAC; engineering technology)
  7. Five references from licensed Professional Engineers supporting the SER

*Engineering Educator - must meet requirements of §133.25.

Advanced accredited degrees

Applicants who hold a post-baccalaureate engineering degree from an accredited program may claim one year of creditable experience towards the requirement (maximum of two). This credit cannot be counted for PhD Engineering Educator applicants requesting a waiver. Refer to rule §133.43.

Engineering Educators (For waivers of both FE and PE)
NOTE: No other waivers besides those listed will be available.

  • Same as 1 – 4 above; refer to §133.25 (c); and
  • Supplemental Experience Record or curriculum vitae (for waiver of PE or both exams only) documenting at least:
  • 6 years of creditable experience – with a PhD (from a school with a related accredited program)
  • 8 years of creditable experience – with a PhD (other than above)

For waiver of FE examination only, 1-4 above. See §133.25 (c).

Experience as an Engineering Educator is only creditable if it began prior to September 1, 2001 and was performed in an accredited program.

All references to "accredited" in the document refer to EAC/ABET accreditation as referenced in §133.31(a)(1)(A)(i) of the Board rules or equivalent as determined by a commercial degree evaluation service (for foreign degrees).

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