NCEES has an online verification system for transmitting information between state Boards. Verifications to NCEES for their records can also be done through the system.

Go to the MyNCEES site to request a verification. Note, you must have a MyNCEES account in order to use this system. Registration is free. Texas does not charge for verification requests, but some other state boards do.



If the state you are requesting verification for is not using the NCEES system, you can mail or email a request for verification.


  • Please ensure that the verification document is submitted to the TBPELS at 1917 S. Interstate 35, Austin, Texas 78741-3702
  • Use one of these approved forms. International Verification, Standard Verification
  • Be sure to include a stamped, addressed, return envelope.


  • Ensure the email includes the information listed on our standard or international verification form, as appropriate, links above.
  • In the email include the name and email address of the recipient.
  • Send the email to:

Please note for either method that the normal processing time for verifications is up to 30 business days from the date which it was received. Verifications are processed in the order of receipt and we do not offer expediting.