RPLS Reciprocal Application

Application Process

The following documents/items are required to take the Reciprocal RPLS Exam:

1. Reciprocal Application

All questions must be answered. A failure to complete any portion of the application form will disqualify your application from the Board review. This application must be accompanied by a check or money order.

RCP Reciprocal Application

2. Application Payment

An application fee of $75.00 must be submitted (unless applicant is a military service member or spouse - see application for more information).

3. Boundary Land Surveying Experience and Professional Land Surveyor References 

Supplementary Experience Records and Three References from Licensed or Registered Professional Land Surveyors.  See the Download Forms page.

4. (CHRC) Criminal History Record Check

In meeting with legislatively mandated fingerprinting requirements for all professional license holders, all applicants for license and registration must have a record check performed as part of the registration process.

After successfully completing the electronic fingerprint session at the state contracted vendor IdentoGO, TBPELS will receive a file daily with information regarding any matches to the DPS or FBI databases. If electronic fingerprinting is not possible, licensees may have their fingerprints processed by any law enforcement agency and then submitted to the state vendor for the record check requirement.

The only exception to this requirement is an applicant who is also a Professional Engineer and has previously met this requirement.

Refer to CHRC Webpage for instructions.

5. Transcripts

The applicant must submit certified college transcripts and any certificates of completion from other seminars/course taken.  Only transcripts in sealed envelopes from the collegiate institution will be accepted as ‘certified’.

6. Approved Course Checklist

This form must be accompanied by course descriptions for each course from your collegiate catalog; not required if applying under section 1071.253 (1) All courses must be conferred by an official transcript.  If your education experience has not changed since applying for the SIT, you are not required to resubmit your transcripts or the Approved Course Checklist.  You are also not required to submit the Approved Course Checklist if you have a bachelor or associates degree in Land Surveying.

Surveyor Course Checklist


The RPLS Exam, Reciprocal (RCP) RPLS Exam, and LSLS Exams are offered in Austin, Texas twice a year. The Fundamentals of Surveying Exam (SIT) is offered by NCEES all year. There is no deadline for the applicant to take the SIT Exam.

Surveying Exam Dates and Deadlines