Criminal History Record Check (CHRC)


IdentoGO is the criminal history record check service provider for TBPELS. Applicants will need to visit one of their Enrollment Centers to submit prints electronically.

If you are unable to find an IdentoGO Enrollment center near you, then submitting an FD-258 Fingerprint Card via mail to IdentoGO will be your best option.

CHRC Instructions

A printable PDF version of these instructions is also available:

Print/Save Instructions

Reference Codes & Numbers

Take note of the codes and numbers below as they are needed when submitting prints to IdentoGO.

NOTICE: Using the correct Service Code, ORI, and Applicant Number are required for the Board to receive your CHRC results.

The agency does not use or have an Authorization Code (Coupon Code) to use for payment.

  • Service Code: 11G66B
  • ORI: TX923654Z
  • Applicant Number: Unique for each applicant

How to get your Applicant Number

PE Applicants: PE-A#######

If you submitted a PE application online then you will find your applicant number on the Application Overview page.

View Your Online Application

If you submitted a paper application via mail, you can get your Applicant Number by using our application status page.

Check the Status of Your Paper Application

PE Licensee: PE-P#######

Current PE Licensees can request their Applicant Number via email:

RPLS Applicants: LS-A#######

Please check your email. If you have submitted an RPLS application and have not received an email containing your Applicant Number, then please contact us at:

RPLS Licensee: LS-R#######

Current RPLS Licensees should have received their Applicant Number via email. If you did not receive one, please send us a request at

Electronic Fingerprinting

Please note that the process is different for FD-258 ink card submissions via mail.

1. Schedule a fingerprint appointment

To be electronically fingerprinted by IdentoGO at one of their enrollment centers, you must pre-enroll through their website or over the phone. During this process, you will be prompted for some personal info and your Applicant Number. Any assessed fees will be paid directly to the vendor.

The agency does not use or have an Authorization Code (Coupon Code) to use for payment.

Electronic Fingerprints: Schedule Online
☎: 1-888-467-2080

2. Arrive at your scheduled appointment to have fingerprints taken

Go to the IdentoGO location selected during pre-enrollment. Please retain any receipts as proof of fingerprinting.

FD-258 Fingerprint Ink Card

Applicants that do NOT reside near an IdentoGO Enrollment Center can complete their CHRC by submitting an FD-258 ink card via mail.

1. Register with IdentoGO

Complete the required pre-enrollment before mailing your ink card. A fee will be assessed during the enrollment process.

The agency does not use or have an Authorization Code (Coupon Code) to use for payment.

Note: IdentoGO will provide additional tracking documents required to process your fingerprints.

Pre-enroll Online or by Phone

FD-258 Online Pre-enrollment
☎: 1-888-467-2080

2. Have Fingerprints Taken

All fingerprints MUST be captured by a law enforcement agency or qualified entity on an FBI FD-258 Fingerprint Card. There may be an additional fee for this service. If your law enforcement agency does not have the FD-258 card available, contact us at: to have a card mailed.

You and the official taking the fingerprints must sign the card.

Originating Agency Identifier (ORI: TX923654Z)

The FD-258 Fingerprint Card must include our ORI Code.

Sample FD-258

Valid ID

Applicants must provide valid photo ID, which may be: State Issued Driver's license, US Passport, US Citizenship Certificate, or US Military ID.

3. Mail the Fingerprint Card

Mail the card (FD-258) to IdentoGO along with any tracking documents they provided.

Do NOT mail your fingerprint card to the PELS office. IdentoGO will provide you with their processing center mailing address once you register with them. Please follow their mailing and tracking instructions when sending your prints.

We highly recommend that you use a mailing carrier with tracking and a receipt of confirmation for your records.

Policy Statements

CHRC Guidelines for Applicants, Licensees, & Registrants with Criminal Convictions Rejected Fingerprints


Frequently Asked Questions

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