Engineering Rosters

Public Information Act Changes:

Please note, effective September 1, 2023, all mailing addresses and phone numbers of individual professional engineer licensees, engineers-in-training, professional land surveying registrants, and surveyors-in-training are being removed from the Board's published roster in order to comply with the requirements of Senate Bill 510 (88th Regular Session). This information, in addition to individual's e-mail addresses, is no longer disclosable under the Public Information Act. The Board appreciates your understanding as it complies with these Legislative-mandated changes to the Public Information Act.

Roster Search

Our online search rosters allow you to find engineering licensees, certificates, and firms by entering one or more search values.

PE Roster EIT Roster Engineering Firm Roster

Roster Files

Updated roster files of all engineers licensed/certified by the State of Texas. Files are updated daily and available for download in a zipped CSV format.

PE Roster (ZIP/CSV) EIT Roster (ZIP/CSV) Engineering Firm Roster (ZIP/CSV)