Land Surveyor Continuing Education

In order to renew licensure, a surveyor must have 12 continuing education credits/hours by December 31 of each calendar year. These must include a minimum of 3 credits/hours over the Act/Rules and/or Ethics that must be taken every year and cannot be carried over. You may, however, carry over up to eight units of other approved CE from the previous year.

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Board Approved - Continuing Education

If you are looking for Board approved continuing education, use the following list:

Approved Courses List

CE Records

Please use our Continuing Education Units (CEU) Log to track your yearly CE.


Individual Course Approval

If you are an RPLS and are seeking Board approval for continuing education credits for something you have completed, use the following form:

Individual Course Approval Form


The Board allows four (4) hours of self-directed study in a topic related to the practice of surveying to meet part of your required 12 hours of continuing education necessary for registration renewal.

Examples of Acceptable Sources:

Textbooks used in university or college surveying curriculum
Boundary law court cases
Ethics courses
Project/Business Management materials
Professional Surveying Practices Act & Rules
Peer-reviewed published professional/technical papers such as the ACSM Journal, Surveying
and Land Information Science, Cartography, and Geographic Information Science

Examples of Unacceptable Sources:

Magazines such as P.O.B., Professional Surveyor, GPS World, or The Texas Surveyor.

Published Articles

Published articles can count as CEUs when peer reviewed. If your article is published in a journal approved by the Board, it is already determined to be peer-reviewed. If your article is published in a non-approved magazine or serial, you must submit to the Board, with your article, signed statements that the article was reviewed by at least three other professional surveyors.

Documentation and Tracking

If you have utilized self-study, please document the amount in writing to including:

Date(s) of study
Number of hours claimed
Topic goals
Resources used
Short summary of the outcome of your study
You may complete the Self Study form or create your own form to provide to the Board in the event of a Continuing Education audit.

Self -Study Form


After renewals, a percentage of the population will be audited and required to provide continuing education certificates and logs.

Course Approval & Renewal

If you are offering a course that you would like to add to the Approved Courses List above, use the following forms:

Application for Course Approval Course Approval Renewal Form